Technical Consulting


It’s one thing to design a beautiful water feature; it’s another to make it function properly. Should a ½- or ¾ -inch connector be installed? What is the impact on flow rate? Water projection and cascading effects must be perfectly calibrated to function properly. End up with water splashing outside the basin? Your projection is off and our technical consultants can get it on track. Bowls not filling quickly enough to achieve the cascade effect you wanted? The flow isn’t strong enough.

It takes a deep understanding of the intricacies of water feature mechanics and the nuances of water. Turn to Fountains Unique for advice on everything from adding the finishing touches and connecting parts to troubleshooting construction problems and adjusting psi water pressure levels. We educate customers on our products, the applications and their installation. If construction is already underway, we can review the current water feature design and construction specs.

Our technical consultants are available by phone to answer any of your design questions and solve construction snags with 40 years of experience.