Fountains Unique offers the Teton Dynamics XR500 pump

Over the past couple of years, many of our clients have inquired about which recirculating pump we recommend for their water feature project. Until now, there was not a product out in the market we felt comfortable endorsing – let alone selling!

The Teton Dynamics XR500 is a 530 GPH (8.8 GPM) mag drive pump that is versatile and energy efficient. The XR500 pump features a flow adjustor – allowing you to run it at max output for larger projects and “dial it down” for water feature projects that don’t require the max flow rate. The versatility of this pump makes it an ideal pump for almost any water feature that is not attached to a pool or spa flow line. The Teton XR500 also features a Magnetic driven impeller (stainless steel impeller shaft), silent operation, threaded (NPT) inlet/discharge so it can be installed inline or as a submersible. Most importantly, every Teton XR500 comes with a 3-year warranty!

Teton Dynamics XR500

Price: $89.98


Availability: N/A

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  • Size 5” X 3” X 4.75” / Max Head Height: 7.5’
  • MaterialHeat resistant high polymer plastic
  • Connection¾” Intake (NPT) / Cord: 16’
  • Flow530 GPH (Gallons per hour)/8.83 GPM
  • Weight4 lbs

We Back Every One of Our Products with the Best Warranty in the Industry

Fountains Unique offers the best warranty in the industry. Our products are backed by a 1 year warranty on the finish and a 5 year warranty on the craftsmanship of our metal (bronze, copper and brass) products, a 1 year warranty on our PreCast Hardstone products —no other company’s warranty comes close. Our warranty is not marketing hype or sales jargon. It’s the truth and our promise to you that we believe in the quality of our products.

Our company has designed and manufactured water features for pool designers/builders, architects, landscape architects and commercial builders for over a decade. During that time, we’ve earned a reputation with architects, designers and contractors for top-of-the-line designs and pieces. How? Because we craft each water feature from high quality material and manufacture them to last.

Fountain Unique’s product line is designed by our own craftsmen and manufactured right here in the U.S. under strict codes and standards for quality. Our manufacturers use only pure bronze, brass, copper, precast (concrete or stone) material without any fillers or veneers. In other words, when you order from Fountains Unique – you can expect to receive the real thing.