Our partners are resources for commercial fountain or pool water feature on a grand scale. We often receive inquiries and while flattered, such commercial or large scale projects are better handled by our commercial partners.

California Waters (Premier Partner)


Since 1999, California Waters has been California’s leader in serving and servicing owners, architects, engineers, general contractors, and property managers of commercial fountains, lakes, ponds, streams, and swimming pools. California Waters is uniquely experienced to provide services for the entire lifecycle of any water feature, from initial design all the way to a second-generation renovation. They offer a full line of services, including: Complete, in-house CAD design-build services for new commercial construction and renovations: Conceptual Design, Renderings, Engineering, Value Engineering, and Construction. Once you’ve discussed your water feature project with California Waters – if you find your large scale project requires a complementary series of spouts, water falls, scuppers or spill bowls – that’s where Fountains Unique comes in – working in collaboration with California Waters we’ll supply the spouts, water falls, scuppers or spill bowls as part of your project specification. California Waters is located in Santa Ana, CA.


Fountain Craft Mfg. (Premier Partner)


In business since 1964, Fountain Craft Mfg. does it all – Design, Build and Maintain. Fountain Craft offers a range of products and services for creating the best in large-scale (commercial) water fountain design. Their company has been designing, engineering, and manufacturing fountain packages for over 40 years. Fountain Craft MFG also offers free fountain design services and free CAD drawings services. Fountains Unique works in close collaboration with the Architect clients of Fountain Craft Manufacturing to supply the complimentary spouts, scuppers or bowls that complement the design. Fountain Craft Mfg. is headquartered in Baltimore, MD.


Delta Fountains (Premier Partner)


For more than 25 years, Delta Fountains has been collaborating with their clients to create water displays that enhance the beauty and enjoyment of the world’s communities. Clients bring their visions to Delta and rely on their experience to supply the designs, engineering and products that create the flows and splashes the clients imagine. To date, Delta Fountains has helped thousands of clients create fountains that reflect their dreams and our experience and innovation. Delta Fountains is located in Jacksonville, FL.



Crystal Fountains

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Founded in 1967, Crystal is a globally recognized leader in the commercial water feature industry. With a long history of product innovation, design and custom manufacturing, Crystal has a range of products and expert services to help you at any stage of your water feature vision. Crystal is headquartered in Canada.


Ancient Surfaces


Looking for a high quality, hand carved stone fountain for your Outdoor living landscape or pool project? Look no further than our partner – Ancient Surfaces. Ancient Surfaces specializes in hand carved fountains in the style and craftsmanship of classic Europe. We work in collaboration with Ancient Fountains to bring you the finest in spouts to compliment your artistic fountain.