Difference between Scuppers, Spouts and Emitters

March 10th, 2015

“When is a spout a spout, when is a scupper a scupper and how are they different than a nozzle?”  We make no claim as to setting the industry lexicon, though our experience has been once we offer our explanation, many of our clients say, “Thanks – that makes sense!”  With that in mind, here are our definitions.

photosWe define a scupper as having an open or wide “mouth.”  The scupper is designed so that water usually “spills” forward with a minimal projection. Scuppers usually allow for an abundant water flow, providing a pleasant, soft sound while being very visible. Examples of scuppers include our Roman Scupper, Acanthus Scupper, etc., as well as the popular waterfall or cascading scupper.

A spout on the other hand serves an entirely different purpose. A spout is usually characterized by a medium to long neck, ending in a tapered or directional opening (by directional we mean straight out or downward). Depending on the size of the opening (aperture) and the size of the connection, spouts can provide a short distance projection and soft water flow, or can be used to project water across a wide distance and/or clear architectural  elements such as pool coping, planters, etc. Examples of spouts are our AnzioCourtyard, and Florentine designs.

Nozzles (often called Emitters) are cousins of the spout; however, with some significant differences.  Nozzles do not have a long “neck” of any significance (except those used in large commercial applications), and are usually housed in a backplate or housing support of some type. Like the spout, nozzles are designed to “shoot” or project water over a distance and/or direction.  Depending on the connection and nozzle size, the right amount of pressure and connection, nozzles can project water over great distances.  Water can be projected up in the air to form arcs as well as in multiple directions. Lastly, nozzles can project water in a full stream or “laminar” effect, producing wonderful visual effects. Examples of nozzles, or emitters, are our Oak Leaf and Bordeaux styles.

Next month we’ll discuss the typical applications for spouts, nozzles and scuppers. Until then, hope this little “guide” helps when discussing the differences with your clients”.

Just What Does 100% Metal Really Mean?

August 28th, 2014

I was asked that very question by a client recently. I frankly didn’t understand the basis of the question at first, as 100% could mean many things. The basis of the question in this case was, “When Fountains Unique says ‘All of our metal products are made in 100% metal’ – what exactly does that mean?” So, as the saying goes, I’m glad you asked!

Here at Fountains Unique, when we say that our metal products are 100%, we mean exactly that. All of our Bronze, Brass and Copper products are made in 100% Bronze, Copper or Brass. We truly do NOT use veneers, fillers or plastics of any kind. And without getting too technical (or boring!) I’ll explain a little about the process that goes into making such high quality products.

Copper is the base material or “father” of Brass and Bronze. Brass and Bronze are actually “Alloys.” Alloys are a mix of two or more metals. Brass is an alloy of Copper and Zinc. Modern Bronze is also an alloy of Copper and Zinc, though with different percentages of each as compared to Brass. I mention this for a couple of reasons. The first is that the foundries we have under contract actually start with the alloy components, or ingredients if you will, and melt them down in the correct percentages depending on whether the product is to be Brass, Copper or Bronze. They then cast them in our proprietary molds.

This smelting and casting process takes time, but it also ensures a quality final product. This is the main reason we sometimes quote lead times of up to four weeks. The other important fact to keep in mind: Copper and its alloys resist rust and corrosion, thus they are excellent material for today’s salt water (or saline) pools and spas.

So the next time you hear us proudly exclaim, “Our Metal Products are 100%,” you’ll know what we mean – and equally important – what it means to your clients.

Anthony “Tony” Wyatt
CEO, Fountains Unique

Welcome to the “New” Fountains Unique

February 8th, 2013

If you have ever been closely involved in the preparation and launch of a new web site, you’re familiar with the mix of excitement and relief when it finally launches! The new Fountain Unique site delivers more than a new look – though it does do that as well. We have completely redesigned our site. You will find new images of our products, easier navigation, and what all of our clients have been asking for – an ONLINE ordering system! Read the rest of this entry »