Why Fountains Unique


What Makes Fountains Unique… Unique?

When you’re as obsessed with the design, aesthetics and mechanics of water features and accessories as we are, you’re always doing a little company soul searching. After working with homeowners, commercial and residential architects, landscape architects, pool designers and general contractors designing and installing hundreds of water features and accessories, we’ve learned they come to Fountains Unique for five reasons: detail, quality, selection, customization and service.

Intricate Detail Goes into Every One of Our Components

Fountains Unique designs many of our own products. We figure no one else can do it as well as we can. Our products aren’t the chain store variety. We approach design in two ways: aesthetic appeal and ease of installation. Not only are our components unique, they are designed to come out of the box and be installed quickly and easily. Our clientele demands water features and accessories that will make their entryway, pool, spa or landscape a showcase piece, and that’s what they get with Fountains Unique.

Quality You Can Feel in Your Hands

Occasionally we are asked, “Why can’t Fountains Unique produce pieces quicker?” Well, Fountains Unique makes all components and accessories from scratch using 100% of the material you order be it bronze, brass, copper, concrete or stone precast. We never cut corners during the design or the manufacturing process. Every piece that water flows through is produced of pure bronze, brass or copper  no fillers, plastics or veneers. The same goes for our precast (concrete or stone). It’s these little details that make your project unique and why clients and contractors turn to us when they need an extraordinary water feature, component or accessory.

Unrivaled Selection of Fountain Pieces and Finishes

Between our custom-designed pieces and finishes, Fountains Unique carries just under a hundred water features and accessories. And if we don’t have the piece you want on hand, our team will design and manufacture it for you. Our competitors? They offer maybe ten or so. No other water feature company or supplier rivals Fountains Unique in product selection.

Responsive Customer Service

If we can’t design it, no other company can either. Fountains Unique is simply the best. Our level of service is consistent from the way we answer the phone to billing. Our customers appreciate, and are usually shocked, when we call or email them back the same day. And our fountain products have a warranty on craftsmanship and finish—the best in the industry.