Our Expertise


Water Features Components and Design—Expertise Included

Fountains Unique was founded as a business for a creative passion designing high-end and custom fountain pieces. That was over 6 years ago after 40 years in the industry overall, and our creativity is still going strong. Like anyone who has a passion for something, there is nothing more the Fountains Unique team loves than to share their expertise. We don’t think you’ll mind if we get a little chatty about the details or functionality of our products or designs. After all, our expertise has saved a lot of time, hassle and money for homeowners and contractors.

Your outdoor living, pool or commercial design is stunning on paper, but are you certain it will function the way you expect? We do. Water is a tricky resource. It takes a Zen-like understanding of a water feature and its structure to not only design, but also construct a water feature-based project that functions and flows properly. It means taking into consideration details that are sometimes just overlooked.

As water feature experts, we don’t just sell pretty components and accessories. We educate customers on our products. Our team can explain in detail how any one of our parts work alone and as part of the project as a whole. We can guide you to the right piece and finish to create the look and impact you want. We’ll review your project schematics if you’d like to ensure the right placement for the desired spill and flow. More importantly, we’ll point you to the perfect component that will correct any functionality problems.

It’s Fountains Unique’s nature to offer our expertise on any phase of water feature design or construction. We’re honored when Architects, Landscape Architects, Pool Designers and homeowners include our experts from the beginning because it’s much easier to design your project correctly from the start than to spend time and resources redesigning it later.